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Don't Go Buy It!
Give Us the Headaches!         

If you are looking to improve your bottom line or just make a decision that is right for your checkbook, then rent your equipment from Sheffield Rentals. Remember, time, stress, and frustration are money! 

Sheffield Rentals means efficiency and quality.  In the time it would take you to find your item, get it out of the shop or storage, get it in ready-to-work order, and then maintain it over time, the job could have been long done with a Sheffield Rental.

Reduce cost
Renting provides significant savings over buying

Stay Up To Date
Our equipment changes out periodically.

Eliminate inventory and storage requirements
No storage, taking up space, or property control/maintenance records.

Improved Economy and Automatic Equipment Upgrades
One item may not work for all jobs.  Just tell us you need a "bigger one."

24/7 Customer Care
Our team takes care of you and your need from the first phone call.

No Costly Repairs Or Up-Keep
No need for a repair shop, spare parts inventory, mechanics, or extra staff to take care of inventory maintenance records.

Eliminate Disposal Costs
Stop preparing, advertising, and selling used equipment.

Simply Bidding and Accounting
You have just one accountable cost - the rental.

Improve Equipment Tracking
Continuous billing on rented equipment keeps it top of mind and establishes personal accountability.

Reduced Licenses
Save time and gain peace of mind associated with equipment licensing and registration costs and paperwork.

Reduced Down Time
If equipment breaks down, repair or replacement is our job.

Conserve Capital
Use your capital for other, potentially more profitable, ventures.



Products shown are representative of the rental category and may differ from the actual rental make/model